An Online Implementation of a Virtual Agent-Based Experiment Tool—An Exploration


Social simulation targets social science problems and challenges, of theoretical, empirical and applied nature, using simulation. This implies contributing to the development of theory/explanations of social phenomena or using existing theories and models to understand or predict outcomes of social processes. The different uses of social simulation and the different roles it can play in the research process make it the Swiss army knife of social research.

In this paper we will focus on advancing the understanding of group processes for sustainable management of a common pool resource (CPR) in dynamic social-ecological environments. More specifically, the causal relations underlying cooperative sustainable resource use, namely confidence, individual and shared knowledge and uncertainty about the environment and others in common pool resource (CPR) problems. This issue has been studied using behavioural experiments, such as used in behavioural economics and psychology.


Link to centre authors: Wijermans, Nanda
Publication info: Wijermans, N., Verhagen, H., Lytter, A.. 2021. An Online Implementation of a Virtual Agent-Based Experiment Tool—An Exploration. Springer Proceedings in Complexity.